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what is a DDOS attack?

Malicious attempts to make a server
unvailable to users !

A DDOS attack is simply Aimed at Taking Server's and anything Accessible over the internet offline by overwehelming it with Too many Requests for it too Handle

website overload

A DDOS attack is simply Aimed at Taking Server's and anything Accessible over the internet offline by overwehelming it with Too many Requests for it too Handle.

advanced DDos protection

automatic & affordable !

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Low Time To Mitigation

At our hosting company, we pride ourselves on our industry-leading Low Time to Mitigation. In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, we understand the critical importance of a rapid response. Our sophisticated detection systems ensure that any potential DDOS attack is identified swiftly, allowing us to initiate mitigation measures in real-time. This commitment to minimizing downtime is a cornerstone of our comprehensive DDOS protection strategy..

Included In All Plans

Security should never be a luxury but a fundamental aspect of your hosting service. That's why at our hosting company, DDOS protection is not an optional add-on; it is seamlessly Included In All Plans. Whether you're on a basic package or a premium plan, you can trust that your online presence is fortified against the ever-present threat of DDOS attacks. This inclusive approach reflects our dedication to democratizing robust security measures for all our clients.

Layer 7 Protection

Our DDOS protection goes beyond the surface with Layer 7 defense mechanisms. Operating at the application layer, we fortify your network against sophisticated attacks that target specific aspects of your applications. This Layer 7 protection ensures a more nuanced and targeted defense, enhancing the overall resilience of your hosting infrastructure against a diverse range of cyber threats.

Game Server Protection

For gaming enthusiasts relying on our hosting services, we understand the unique challenges posed by gaming-related DDOS attacks. Our Game Server Protection is tailored to shield against specific threats like fiveM Exhaustion, A2S Getsum, and UDP Floods. Your gaming experience remains uninterrupted as we stand guard against these notorious tactics, allowing you to enjoy your games without worrying about disruptions.

Mitigation Over The Carrier's Various POPs

Our commitment to robust DDOS protection extends to the very backbone of the internet. By implementing mitigation measures on the carrier's Points of Presence (POPs), we not only fortify your defenses but also provide a Higher Capacity to withstand large-scale attacks. Spreading the attack load strategically across these nodes ensures that your hosting services maintain optimal performance even under the most intense DDOS onslaughts.

Layer 3 Protection

In our relentless pursuit of comprehensive DDOS protection, we extend our defenses to Layer 3, reinforcing the network infrastructure itself. Operating at the network layer, our Layer 3 protection is designed to thwart attacks at their core, safeguarding against volumetric threats. By fortifying your network's foundational elements, we ensure that your hosting services remain resilient and secure against a diverse range of DDOS attacks. This robust Layer 3 protection comes as a standard inclusion in every hosting plan, showcasing our commitment to elevating your digital security without compromise.

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how can I order new hosting?

You Can Visit our Store by Click on the home Button on the bar on the top and view our Various service's / offerings

what is resellers hosting ?

Reseller Hosting is Where we Take care of all the day to day maintenance of the server for you and you just Create The packages you want to give to your customer's and sell it

Want a New Domain?

You Can Register a Doamain wtih us on our homepage, and check to see what is available and cost's aswell.

Can I pay with Paypal

We Normally only Take standard Card Payment's due to Fee's on the rise, however we can arrange paypal for you by opening a ticket with us.

Is This site Secure?

Our website's are secured with SSL to keep your Data Safe and protected from unauthorized access.

Do You Require Wordpress hosting?

We Can offer word press hosting via Our cPanel hosting, order our cPanel hosting and then just use softaculas to install wordpress on it. If you do struggle with this dont hesitate to contact our support team who are willing and able to assist.

How Do I contact you.

You Can contact us by submitting our ticket just click contact us at the top of the page to do this.